Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth largest school system in the nation, and the third largest business operation in Florida. Managed by an elected School Board, the school system is totally independent of metropolitan and city government. The Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the School Board and is responsible for the administration of the schools that are divided among 3 regions. Visit the district’s website at for more information.

Serving more than 380,000 students, the education is truly multicultural with students from more that some 120 countries, speaking over 110 different languages. With growth projected to continue, the challenge to find resources and provide industry-standard learning is certainly upon us.

The Dade Partners Program seeks to formalize relationships between schools and businesses/organizations to bring resources together to support educational success in our schools. Our mission is:

  • To mobilize and channel resources into the school system, based on targeted  strategic goals;

  • To engage stakeholders by serving as the vehicle to foster a greater understanding of the school system and its programs;

  • To provide role models for students;

  • To enhance communication between Miami-Dade County Schools and the community; and

  • To promote a positive environment for education and business.

Here’s How Business Benefits…

• Recognition for valued community service
• Rewarding and satisfying experiences for employees that boost morale
• Greater understanding of the educational system
• Involvement in decisions that affect your community
• Tax benefits from financial contributions
• Better educated students who are future employees and consumers
• Enhancement of employee skills
• Opportunity to make a positive impact on students
• Positive corporate image in the community. Opportunities to network with other businesses and community leaders to promote your business.

*As a K-8 Center with a large Social Media following, we will promote your business to our nearly 1100 students and faculty as well as place a link to your home page on our website. Additionally, your name and company logo will be placed on our Dade Partner bulletin board, which is easily seen by parents when entering the building. Also, we will put a link to your page on our Facebook page. Finally, we will be hosting a Dade Partner Fair the night of Open House and you are more than welcome to come and set up a table to speak with parents and disseminate information about your company.

Here’s How OUR SCHOOL Will Benefit:

  • Additional resources to enhance student achievement

  • Opportunity to bring real world situations into the classroom

  • Assistance in improving management techniques

  • Better understanding of community and business expectations

  • Assistance in rewarding students for their accomplishments

  • Opportunities for professional development

  • Access to technological advances and equipment

  • Utilization of volunteers to interact with and serve as role models for students

Please visit our Dade Partners


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